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EPIC would not have been possible without the prior works of the respective Bitcoin, PIVX, and BITG teams. Open source software and its contributors are constantly paving the way toward new and exciting innovations. When information and knowledge are free to build upon, society as a whole benefits. We are grateful to our predecessors for the opportunity to contribute to this growing ecosystem.

What’s all this About

EPIC is a new way to look at the future blockchain transactions.

EPIC is a decentralized, ​peer-to-peer transactional,​ community-oriented cryptocurrency. EPIC is designed to be sustainable, with realistic returns on investments for our community with our approach on the proof-of-stake and masternode consensus. In order to solve one of cryptocurrencies largest problems, real world integration, we are utilizing peer-to-peer transaction capabilities on our EPIC P2P Platform, and creating an EPIC Ecommerce Marketplace.

The name EPIC represents four simple words; Ecommerce, Private, Instant, and Community. Our deliberate and fair launch strategy gives the community an opportunity to join a promising project at inception. We offer a simple value proposition with no bombastic promises; we will deliver a truly decentralized cryptocurrency that works today and into the future by leveraging the best practices from both PIVX and BITG.

Ecosystem Works

Using our EPIC P2P Platform and EPIC Ecommerce Marketplace, our community can use EPIC for everyday purposes. With the EPIC P2P Platform, sellers can easily liquidate their Bitcoin, Ethereum, EPIC, or any other altcoin directly to fiat. On the EPIC Ecommerce Marketplace, we will offer a wide variety of products available for purchase using EPIC, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. For both platforms, a portion of all fees generated in transactions will be converted into EPIC and distributed to masternode holders at the end of each quarter.

EPIC P2P Platform


Our EPIC P2P platform is a conducive proponent of EPIC daily use integration. Purchasing cryptocurrencies directly with fiat is an underdeveloped market, with only a few companies for a consumer to choose from. Even within those select few companies, the options of choosing which fiat are limited.

By using the EPIC P2P Platform, sellers can easily liquidate their Bitcoin, Ethereum, EPIC, or any other altcoin directly to fiat. This will help to save fees, increase EPIC trading volume, and provide sustainability. After creating an account, users will be able to deposit their cryptocurrency and/or fiat, where we hold it in escrow safely and securely. They then create a buy or sell post, publicly listing what they have to offer. Interested members can then fill those orders instantly and with very minimal fees.

A portion of generated fees will be distributed at the end of each quarter to masternode holders in the form of EPIC.

We pride ourselves on offering the best user-experience on our platform, and by having the best customer service support available.

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EPIC Ecommerce Marketplace

We strongly believe that cryptocurrency should be integrated easily with ecommerce. It only makes sense to have instant, low fee, digital transactions for a digital marketplace. The ecommerce market is extensive. As shown in the graphic below, total worldwide ecommerce sales are expected to reach $3.9 trillion by 2020.

The second project that we have in our pipeline is the EPIC Ecommerce Marketplace. Our idea for this is to open this up to our community in a competition for best website design. Winners will of course be rewarded in EPIC. We will focus on offering products of different varieties in the beginning, where users can buy using EPIC, BTC, and ETH. In the future, we will allow users to create their own accounts and sell their products too. Every transaction will have minimal fees, allowing users to get the most out of their money. Just like our EPIC P2P Platform, at the end of each quarter, portion of all fees will be distributed back into masternode holders.

EPIC Coin Information

Premine Coin

Total Premine 500,000 EPIC

EPIC team fund - Salary for team members for contribution to the project and blockchain development.
(0.2% of Total Supply)

Pre-sale fund - 10 masternodes worth at 0.3 BTC a piece.
(0.2% of Total Supply)

Innovation fund - Allocated for community to propose projects each month, and then voted on by masternode holders.
(0.4% of Total Supply)

Community fund - Airdrops, Bounties, Contests, Tipbot, etc.
(0.2% of Total Supply)




In order to receive coins and to be eligible for POS rewards, you must download and install the official wallet. WINDOWS (32 Bits) WINDOWS (64 Bits) MAC OS LINUX Masternode Installation Guide